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TaraCares is your personalised Health GPS for evidence-based, individualised, accessible, and affordable menopause health and wellbeing.

Menopause transition cycle

Winner of Innovate UK, Fast Start Competitive Award September 2022.​

Founded in May 2022, TaraCares is an AI HealthTech start-up committed to addressing unmet global health needs in menopause awareness, diagnosis, and management.

We’re using cutting-edge AI technologies, clinical excellence, and academic research partnerships to develop a precision health platform that promotes an evidence-led, individualised, and scientific approach to understanding menopause.

We exist to make menopause care safe, inclusive, accessible, and affordable because we believe everyone deserves equal care for their menopause health and well-being.

What we do

Tackling the 3Ss of Menopause with 3Ts from TaraCares

We are leading a safe and inclusive future for equitable menopause health and wellbeing by creating it with science in action for every person assigned female at birth (AFAB).


Research-based and validated scientific information is scarce and women in menopause transition are relying on the internet and social media such as Tik Tok or friends and family to understand their symptoms. Individual differences in menopause experience due to socio-ethnic factors, medical history, family history, and lifestyle factors make it a heterogenous and complex phenomenon.


Lack of medical expertise in post-reproductive medicine, urgent need for more research, as well as lack of relevant data for clinical decision-making and diagnosis when menopause symptoms could overlap with other health conditions leads to misdiagnosis as well as non-adherence to menopause clinical care guidelines published by the National Institute of Care and Excellence. Menopause has become an important public health issue, as such, it is featured as priority research guidance by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NG23, QS143).


Hormone Replacement Therapy is the GOLD standard being offered for symptom relief and to prevent secondary health conditions. There is a diverse range of hormonal therapy available, but its suitability needs to be determined by a patient’s individual factors especially Cancer survivors, patients who have undergone reproductive surgeries, and are diagnosed with mental health.

Awareness, Diagnosis & Management For Long Term Female Health Using Science And Explainable AI

We offer resources that help participants understand their menopause HealthGraph™, transition goals, hormone therapy (HRT) risk profile and overall wellbeing.
We provide telehealth options for access to diagnostic, psychological, leadership coaching, and other Menopause empowerment services.
We offer personalised management plans that include hormonal and non-hormonal options. Personalised with your HRT background risks.

Boss your menopause with science in action!

Get equipped with validated information and detailed insights you need to understand, prepare and manage your long term female health & menopause transition.
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Some facts


of women experience symptoms of menopause


of women say menopause impacts their daily life


of women feel isolated in their journey

Take of your unique journey

Personalised Education

Re-imagining how female individuals of all ages, ethnicities and gender enter their unique menopause journey with science in action.

Trace your health

Log your mood, symptoms, journal, self care & nutrition multiple times a day!

Get more from your appointments

Cut down on Appointment costs. Advocate with evidence using your individualised MIMOSA health logs all in one place.

Detailed Analytics

Leverage on MIMOSA’s predictive intelligence and handle experiences within your control. HRT isn’t the first call.

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A message from the Founder and CEO

We imagine a world where every female receives the care and companionship she needs, regardless of her health, family, and socio-economic status
For integrated menopause care, there are 3 key challenges that we are tackling – Misinformation, Misdiagnosis, and Mismanagement. We unite academic research, clinical excellence, and computational science to enable safe and inclusive menopause.
_ Jyoti Sharma

We are solving the problem through science in action for generations to come!

We are not selling hormone-testing kits, gels, creams, nutrition supplements, hormones, or your personal data under the guise of a menopause start-up.

Menopause Is Not Just Age Related Or Hot Flushes

Hormonal Changes

Reproductive and hormonal changes occur throughout a person’s lifetime.. Menopause is a natural transition and developmental stage for a naturally healthy woman when she begins to transform from being fertile to non-fertile.

Individual Differences

A woman’s body is as unique as a snowflake! Just a few factors that make your menopause health unique are – lifestyle, contraceptive and reproductive choices, family history, medical history, ethnicity, socio-economic status, nutrition among others.

Early Menopause

A menstruating female can be diagnosed with early menopause due to genetic, developmental factors, or induced from medication, reproductive surgeries or acute stressful life events producing hormonal shifts in the natural menstrual cycle.

With You From Puberty To Post Menopause

Menopause transition

We are changing the conversation

Menopause is not a uniform experience and can happen to a woman at any age.

Many people believe that Menopause only affects people assigned female at birth (AFAB) when they enter the later stages of their reproductive journey.

The popular belief (myth) is that there is a definite number (34, 45, 51…..) of symptoms experienced by each woman.


By participating in the studies, you will be part of a global movement for delivering evidence-based and integrated menopause care.

Investigating menopause transition experience
To be eligible, you DO NOT NEED to have any known peri/post menopause symptoms and may be perfectly healthy. Your participation will inform our women’s digital health app for use by the NHS in the UK and other healthcare providers globally.
Menopause health
Menopause intelligent leadership study – Run by researchers, consultants, and members of the British Psychological Society. An opportunity for your inclusive and transformational leadership to inform AI-driven solutions for Menopause support at the workplace and create your mark as a female-friendly and inclusive leader.

Indian-British Founder. Innovator. Advocate.

TaraCares was founded by Jyoti Sharma who brings 22 years of international intrapreneurial experience in management consulting, sales, and delivery of large-scale human-centered technology-enabled digital transformations with SAP, Microsoft, Qualtrics, and other software technology firms. Jyoti has worked with clients across the Americas and Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa (EMEIA), and is an SAP Press bestselling author and international speaker on digital transformation. She specializes in Life Sciences and has worked with Johnson & Johnson (USA), Bayer (Germany), Grifols (Spain), Pfizer (UK), GSK (UK), and other pharmaceutical companies. She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology, MBA, MA in Economics, and graduated in MSc Psychology (health) in October 2022 from the University of Westminster, London. She is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). The pandemic forced Jyoti to re-evaluate her true calling while leading a strategic pandemic response initiative for the EMEIA board at Ernst & Young (EY) working with 80+ countries to resolve the COVID crisis. In December 2021, while going through the partnership process at EY, she decided to close a thriving consulting career as a high-growth executive leader and went back to school to complete her MSc in Psychology with merit from the University of Westminster, London. While discussing PhD offers from prestigious universities in England (University College London, King’s College London), and Australia (Monash University), she arrived at the tough conclusion that a conventional PhD was not equipped to translate her ambition for scale and impact that she wanted from her research for ground-breaking innovation in women’s health. TaraCares was founded in May 2022 to address the public health challenge of menopause, foster a respectful dialogue through global collaboration, and offer AI-driven solutions to enhance the menopause transition experience and accelerate physiological and psychological health improvements for women and individuals AFAB. “TaraCares is a living tribute to my single parent, mother and my late father, I celebrate in embodied value-led actions.”
Jyoti Sharma
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Why the urgency?

By 2025 over 1 billion women will be experiencing menopause. That is 12% of the world’s population.

Safe and inclusive care with MenOculus Ai innovation pathways:

Awareness Ai will be used by individuals who benefit from:

Individualised reproductive and post-reproductive transition profile

Symptom tracking
Personalised health plans
Recommendations for clinical consultation and/or lifestyle management.

Diagnostic Ai will be used in clinical practice to improve adherence to menopause practice guidelines, diagnostic precision, predictive power, and velocity for integrated menopause care.

Management Ai will be used in clinical practice for individualised, targeted, and tailored prescription models of hormonal and alternative treatment pathways.

We envision healthcare providers embedding our platform into their e-health systems to expand access to care, diversify patient coverage, and achieve health parity for females.

Meet the team

Introducing the group of experts and advisors that are uniquely positioned to solve this problem.

Jyoti Sharma

CEO & Founder, TaraCares

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